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The consciousness of higher ascension beings are activating the cosmic spheres within the Christ consciousness of your reality . Breaking through the old star seed souls agreements manipulated through Slavery and control .

I will take you through a guided meditation to enhance the field of love within the Grid of mass conscious reality . That has united is on a conscious level of heart frequency . In this activation awakening you will be free of this dark orb ( slash entity that believes he is in ownership of you !)

As you close your eyes imagine the grid of ancients before you

imagine the ancients behind you

Imagine the ancients to the left of you

Imagine the ancients to the right or you

Imagine the ancients above you

Imagine the ancients below you

Imagine the infinite source of all love and light coming down into you as it connects to Mother Earth/Gia

As she she connects with you she release her electrical magnet energy into the earths atmosphere which them connects to the higher vibrational seventh dimensional Beings in their ships that are in etheric in the earth's gravitational field awaiting the confirmation of you connection with a brilliant bright beautiful blue indigo light .

That radiated a soft blue golden light coming back down into and through your field back down into Mother Earth .

If you hear the entity or see the black sphere step back in love and allow us to remove this attachment -probe- Karmic contract-soul contract from your field

What I need you to say is I'm sorry , I love you , I for give you . This lesion is complete. This contract is complete . I am one soul in this body I am one soul in this body I am one soul in this body and you do not have my permission to be here any longer I cancel , I clear and send you back to the source of all creation

For I am love , I love my self more now that know I am one with my mother Gia and my father the creator and the universe I am within this vessel . My love is more greater as I now surrender this anger and hurt . I know illusion of the earth ending is not real . The Earth she is. More powerful than before as my heart and all the hearts of the people you tried to control late consciously joining in love right now !

We are connecting our hearts as beams of light radiate from our elder races into us and activate the antidote and frequencies that now free me as I breath love .i am love , I receive love . As I breath out your are gone and no longer have power over me . You may hear the doors slam in front of you as you now are free.

As you place your hands down toward Mother Earth feel with your finger tips the electrical magnet tingling and connection to her as you now are grounded to her gravitational pull and alignment with her . Notice the shift of lightness and rainbow energy of light soaring through your body filling up the higher dimensional DNA awakened within you as you are in the vortex of creation and you power centre and welcome back home. Fully Grounded ,fully energized , protected and safe as you are surrounded by all your soul family and beings of light and love.