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As I Am a Empath

Posted by Dawn Dagres on April 20, 2017 at 12:05 AM

I am a empath my gifts are all of the above . When I meet a new person I feel them before thy come into the room . Each gift is special and unique as each person is special and unique.

Really honestly and truly we are man or woman in looks . Living and surviving for generations as man and women . We have grow to be survivalists.

My empathic gifts taught me to me self support of my self , work hard , become everyone else so I may understand understand why they are they way they are and act the way they do to others .

You see you may believe you are different on the out side and created your own world of habits and belief systems due to your genetics, environment, family , friends, peeps , coworkers, strangers, things you seen , things you experienced, I could add so much more , even becoming moulded to a new every time to come upon each one of the above .

So on the out side man or woman races ,nations , culture and all .

We all are born the same as we are born from light and the creation of separation that makes of believe we are separated from the whole and the consciousness of the source (God source we came from as birth as Adam Eve)

The illusion of separation draws us into the darkest darkest as it is only ego playing its mind games . We are never nor will we be separated from the light , the source ,God as we are very aspect of his self in his creation .

Because of my gifts it seems that I very self organized and self sufficient alone . Yet my love for another once that come into my life I give it all and everything so as they come into a belief and a experience that they are not alone and they to are loved. .

As people are unaware of these gifts a empath carries and the power of influence they have on empath . Empaths are extremely sensitive and impressionable as they , we are constantly connected and learning as we are gifted these traits from the holy spirt in guidance and connections for him in this physical level . Some call them Angels , Messengers. Clairvoyants ,psychics and so on trying to name them so they understand who they are and why they are the way the are . We are born with these gift and some train more that others most important we gain our selves as we open our hearts and become ten pure channel within .

Being aware and cautious how we present our selves to other as for them to judge us and them not even realizing they are judging us by their through patterns and their presence in that moment . I'm that moment that though , that feeling and that choice changes our lives as we are moving into a fifth dimensional reality .

We are a multidimensional human with universal light within us that makes us who we are . We believe some of us because of our childhood we are born into suffering and we are inadequate of being loved for how we came to be . As some parents weren't ready to have these gifted children as it was passed on to them and they kids it from society as they were ridiculed . Thy isolated them selves from fear and hurt those they loved cause this is how they were taught and created a shell that turned harder and harder into a survival mode passed onto their own children .

Then comes strong willed messenger, believe , empath , love is born and she/ he is in a time where we are need and required awaken this love in man and woman . Being a empath I can be a thing I want as I and connected to all gifts and traits. With practice I do for this I am so grateful to have , be , in the presence of the moment of love within . We leant to adapt some are lost , some have pain on all levels , you are not a freak , people don't understand you as your emotions change as your thoughts do . Image how God feels every second of every minute as he feels you . What does he do ? How does he react ? How does he help ?

As you are him !

I am unique and one of a kind as the light that comes to me in a random divine spark of life that opened and embedded into this body is a gift and a blessing of God and of Gia as the body of matter is a form of the tree of life . We are all connected as one , I feel you in a way you have forgotten and yes I practice everyday , yes my relationships in the past failed as I do everything in my power to help and be at service to .

A program I learned long ago to self sufficient has brought me to this point and moment of time . That its time for me to receive , it time for me to rediscover me , it's time to be loved , it time to allow my self to have love , it's time to be courageous in loving as I am love in all aspects of love , I will always feel everyone and all things and it come back to me being happy , happiness is my creation in loving and being present in the moment .

If in one day I find a mirror that loves me for me in all my strengths and weakness then all have been accomplished as it already has in God . As I am a nurturing loving powerful source of his creation .It is time for me to be selfish for the first time in my life and have to and be for me !

Always remember who you are as you are a powerful source of creation inside this body and those vessel as you can run anything you choose to be .Listen to your heart and soul as he is within the power of your heart and he knows all that you are you are never separated you are whole . Release your ego that you have given all your power to in separating you from the truth as the truth is you are so loved in the most blissful power of infusion that it will take many many people to get use to you as you are so previous a gift and this life . Expand your self take a chance , have faith and believe , take back your power from those you have it away to ,tell your self I am sorry I forgive you , I forgive my self , I love you . As you are in this present moment miracle has been created and you feel the power arise within and you know you are now connected ...Feel within this connection and I feel my body getting cold as I share this with you I feel the holy spirit come into and through me .Believe in the words of truth because the truth will set you free (love ) heals all wounds and it first takes your to let go of all fear one step at a time and be and take responsibility for your actions , thoughts as this is the powerful forgiveness of self and source (God) as you open this part of you all else comes into oneness as you know this to be true .I welcome you to a new chapter and a new beginning as once yout come through this door there is no going back to the old .

I am that I am

I am simultaneously living in one moment past present and futureas there is only the present 

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