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Fairy Tail Dreams

Posted by Dawn Dagres on March 12, 2017 at 1:15 PM

Fairy tails are dreams your imagination that grows from within .

It doesn't matter where You go or where you stay .

When you feel the lucid dreams and take hold of and control the outcome . You are talking part in the awakening of your life . As you feel the power of the imagination take hold .you create your reality .

Once was a nightmare has come to the surface as you have ran away for such a long time. Now you stand up for you within you and who are you ? That your are standing up to .

No more running a race of the rabbit and the turtle .One that had been spoken for for so long .

You think a story is just a fairy tale yet it started from some truth of reality and it has been shared to bring you through your own hidden fears and desires .

You may or may not know what it is to accomplish your dreams and what it takes . You may be the Cinderella story ?

How hard or how graceful you choose it in you hands of Destiny .

How I am to judge another as I have walked a long path and continue my trails . For each trail of path has a story and I am here today as my soul's purpose has driven me so .

All that once mattered no longer has a grasp on my soul .

As the inner power of creation calls to me on this inner discovery of self 

You so will never understand the hidden secret that our for fathers and stars seed lineage bring forth .

Only that which I share as only then will you understand as it come from the soul's truth .

Those who come from a place of fear and anger have not stepped thought these doors and fall to the illusion of the broken record of mental mind blocks that keep the play over and over again like the record with a scratch playing the same sentence over and over again . As know not what they are .They are lost and forgotten on a twist . They will always be there until they choose to move though space and time into freedom .

Only you have the answers as yo walk through the doors and the keys of Destiny .

The home is where the heart and souls of all your knowledge , wisdom , Powerful is . Fear not what you know fear not what you have left behind and use this fear as your adrenaline into the passage of time to honour and grow .

As you enter through the these veils of the seen and come into the unseen you will feel your way through and know .

As you journey is taken you back home to the heart and soul of your creation and your souls purpose .

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