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Switching through

Posted by Dawn Dagres on March 12, 2017 at 1:05 PM

I feel switching and strength a loss , a loss of a emptiness and a fullness all at the same time.

I feel a tightening and a core that I never once new before

As the lightness of the above grounds the very core of the celestial divine being within me centre of living in this life

How do you explain that you have this energy of life within you and it is becoming stronger and stronger as it fills that space that once felt loss and emptiness .As there was no sustenance in its place . As now you feel that very core awaken to the come into a life of a living breathing , nurturing creation of life's beginning on this planet .

A race that has been extinct in the living that has long left .

All but a few left her to carry on the life long commitment as they once thrived to continue the journey .

The last of that tribe is here now in the present .

As they left I was still in the darkness awaiting for that freedom of the moment to come back to life in the present .

The missing tribe is within my very essence and being of life as they ascended to higher dimensional planes where they coexist .

To feel this in my presence is to n ow the truth of my ancestral race .

I am not alone nor will I ever be as I am apart of all that exists on this planet as one the I am .

I feel the very life of them walking through the planes of another planet as they experience life . I see them walking in the forest and they pass along the trees and enter into the new . The caves from below another world exists within them and the boundaries of another universe .

I feel down to the very core my being as they coexist that life now I'm the present .

No one is ever alone that are always in the present of the MaMa as she holds and houses then . The generous love of life an the loving within my very matrix .

To understand my perception is to be and live this life within my matrix as a whole universe of one . It is called completeness .

So please remember when you hug me you are not just hugging flesh and bones in a sexual nature you are hugging a universe which is extinct and full of the greatest love to share unconditionally . So as to bring those memories back to you ����

As I love the being in you you bring of the loving being within my self and my matrix ❤️ as I transcend through all space and time you can never harm or hurt what you know not I come from the heart

I am the gatekeeper and giver and protector of life I am the guardian of Orion ,Milky Way , and all the connections in between the Saturn ring of fire I am the key

I am not just one I am many and this is why I was created through the heart of a nation of sovereignty ������❤️

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