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Breaking through

Posted by Dawn Dagres on March 12, 2017 at 1:05 PM

The sacredness of being in the moment is when you break through your belief system that has defended you all your life (ego) in the darkest dark and protected you . You become the master of masks that held you into a human performance of the greatest film of all . This film is of your life that you have chose to incarnate and experience .

Coming back home to the heart and of creation is coming back to the moment .

Coming back into the present . Releasing and letting go of all you heave been taught and learnt . The present moment of the experience at that moment . Like the source of electricity when you plug it in to run a current . It will always be there no matter what ready to plug into and run its flow .

Each person is the same when you plug into their channel , you experience them on all levels. When you coxxxnnect with them from the heart it's like a magnetic pull drawing you into their field like a spiralling whirlwind that that pulls you into its force once you come into its perimeter.

Coming into the mindful heart breaks down the magnified attraction of the insufficient data that it requires to learn from in the moment .By being mindful in that moment . The energy of the force and the emotions that pulling you into that spiralling vortex will stop you as you become aware of what is happening . As I said earlier that drawing of energy will always be there and each person having its power source that will draw you into their own field of energy and source of power on a form of creation .

As you draw to the experience at the core of its creation you the learn the truth and the power of its light . As the spark of light as a multidimensional reality within the beings core will emanate its truth .

So a person that practices every day in a routine of the moment is the presence of self is the mindful heart .

I am creation of the God within that is egoless , as it knows the current of others emotions and feeling that are there mo matter what degree of emotions they are .

If these emotions are not in your life's purpose then walk away . As their negativity and hurtful psychic attacks at you will always be there as this is there emotional chaos and there's alone .

Be present in the moment come from love , love your self , comfort your self , you come first . As you are the creator I'm your world if they do not come from the heart they are not worth you energy as you are not here to change them . Take responsibility for you throughs and actions. , most of all stop blaming others for your choices . Be courageous have faith and believe in the one , take one step at a time and be the little elemental deity you can be .

Stick and stones may break your bones ,name may hurt you on a human level .

On a soul level I am the creator of my life and my power comes from my heart and source of creation. I am here as a messenger and a guide to those whom ask from the heart . As I am older than the planet and travel the stars of the universe as what I have seen is of the unseen and this is why we join as a whole . We are the oldest of old and we have seen it all ....

What you reflect in anger and in pain is yours and your alone ! Take a look at your self in the mirror don't you think it's time to let go of all your suffering and all the blame you have on others .Take this moment to stop and say I'm sorry , I forgive you and I love you ! Release the ego and the shadow side embrace the whole being you are good and bad , the middle way !

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