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guided meditation of the white Pyramid

Posted by Dawn Dagres on February 20, 2017 at 8:35 PM

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Attunement  meditation  

As  you are in the room you are in 

Is the room you are in the space in your heart 

The space within your heart is the vessel's case in your Universe 

As the universe is the illusion of physical out side of you 

It is really the Universe within you are 

As I guide you within notice your feet , notice your hips ,notice you chest and notice your head , imagine a etheric casing come from your heart expanding in through out of your body . 

Sealing it with illuminated love DNA dormant codes that has now awakened 

Creating a silk rebirthing energy around your body of field 

That which is only from the highest vibrations of the elder races of the twelve constellations of twelve planet and nine realms of reality that originally co existed in the same seventh dimension to humanly hybrid the god/goddess  that you are existing on this planet 

As you came of free will to bring forth the healing power and the specialty of your species and realm .

As you coexist and work together and unite as a nation and a planet 

This planet Gia she loves and supports you on all bodies of matter and of all elements that coexist within your body/vessel 

As I relate these messages into your subconscious mind it it sends sounds and images deep and deeper within the vibrations of the language of light and from the higher realms of your creation 

Translating through sequence bouncing of of your DNA into the body into the etheric all uniting as the strands join in union as one .

As these code release healing codes that transcends you through all space and time in to this moment of time that brings forth the antidote and that antidote is the essence of bliss , essence of life , essence of truth , essence of the law of nature and her power with in your domaine that now has been activated 

Activated though the primordial details and beginnings of that of which the spark of light was charged with in your very existence

Now take a  deep breath 

When you take this breath clench your root chalkra 

Clench your heart and tighten it 

Now go to your third eye clench it up and tighten as you look up and back as it tightens 

This is to get you to hold your core strong within your body and ground you 

As you feel your spirit/emotional body anchored and grounded below your ribs 

as the mindful heart comes down deeper and deeper into the universal heart .

As you feel the pulse glow and move within your chest and your core .

Now imagine the bottom of your feet a sphere of golden white light energy , rooted to Mother Earth as the roots connect deep within in her and through her 

Now go above you head a sphere of indigo blue energy encircled with a golden sheen 

 And now before of you is another pink illuminated opalescence sheen .

No take a deep breath in and hold it till the count of 4 and blow out with a pressure 

As the energy of you ha breath shoots out 

It ignites and connects the three points of the pyramid 

Now take another deep breath and hold it the count of 4 and release the air out with a force this transients your pyramid through all space and time 

Now one more take a deep breathe hold it with a force till the count of 4 

With the intention that this time you are rebirthing your oversoul/ higher self in the body /vessel 

One two three blow activation ( you may feel butterflies , excited , feel a inner smile  

Sensation you may not understand just yet as it is so full and new . 

Just sit with this energy for a moment 

Then take your hands and hold them down to the ground wiggling your fingers connecting to Mother Earth and her electro magnetic  pull as her love grounds you down through the tunnel(vortex )which this is connect to white pyramid below the ocean’s hidden bottom. 

Your only access point is through this rights of passage as you are guided in by the dolphins you reach the entrance window now pass through. 

I will leave you to your joinery and once you come back to this space in this room and this moment of time . please find a piece of paper and write down all you have experienced . 

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