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Breaking through the Veils

Posted by Dawn Dagres on January 23, 2017 at 9:30 PM

Calmness of the mind is the break of a new dawn .

As the sun rises from the consciousness of the mind it awakes as the subconscious is triggered by the consciousness of the day .

Within ones practise you are challenge from the chaos of the multi matrix of others realms as you pass through the frequencies of their field and mind . In passing by , in a look , in a accidental touch , even with a connection . You imprinted the heavy dense or the light in flight or the void of neutrality.

It is the life of death and rebirth

Impermanence of the flow of balance and alignment . As the waves of the oceans come crashing in . Even the ocean has a rhythm . The choice you choose to observe to pass forth and ride they wave of comfort for that moment to enter the ocean of life .

Then the waves of serendipity as you float above and observe the world of silence below .

One wouldn't know the beauty beneath the oceans reef as many circum to the intense crash of the oceans extreme waves of chaos .

Yet once I'm the entrance of the waves the mind is calm and you follow the flow and watch the rhythm the come to you . As they come you prepare and sink in as the wave passes by . Enjoy the experience with participated union as you wash away weight down emotions that the salt water cleanse .

Very much similar to ones life of experience . It all depends on how you become mindful .��������

Allow the passing as the essence flows and the veils break free .

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