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To coexist in one reality is almost impossible

Posted by Dawn Dagres on December 19, 2016 at 10:15 AM

To coexist in one realty is almost impossible

in this new awakening as you come into alignment and follow the flow of the seed of life and the divine spark within your creation of DNA.

With out this alignment into the higher dimensions you will cease to exist as we know it . There are multi facets of DNA driven within us as all the of the access from from the vortex of creation . The heart template which is the door way to the subconscious knowledge that any dormant within our DNA . As we make the choices that we do and entered with the keys with the intent to harness the new awareness / power . We ignite with in our one DNA strands memories my feelings and sensations that cannot be explained. Only by the experience of that moment . To feel such a burst of energy that ignites and strives within your whole body . The universe within your very core being . The awakening and feeling of a new life being driven to experience in this moment of time and to discover who you truly are as form of life within this body of matter .

I am , you are able to tap into every thing and any thing that you desire in this awakening of life and all the experiences that is drives you to feel what you have new new to experience before . Only to live in the moment and to be one with all life are you able to manifest your true calling .

The experience of this life into higher plains of dimensions are from a star of purity and only through this puritan heart is the truth to evolve an yet the choice to choose . You choice to choose one step forward and progress to many more and never looking back to that moment of life and all that you have over come . Yes you have moved through the passages and now access new realms leaving behind the murky water of the unconscious mind and access the subconscious mind that has the potential of limitless knowledge and experiences for you to unfold with . Having faith and believing within the divine will of self are you able to access this progressive sate and continue to move through as once evolves into the conscious levels of self as it has preserved its self from survival mode into a Phoenix rising from the ashes . It is said and spoken in many languages of translations for you to understand and comprehend .

I am not here to take you away from your own experience as you choose to drive your self .which can lead to blocks and holds on your life . I am here as a guide , inspiration of light , a turbo boost of solar suns power from the universe as it my destiny to guide you from the heart of all creation .

My specialty if to share with you the consciousness of the energy of the heart from a human level and guide you back home to the heart and soul of creation as it is know to be .

This is the easiest way through trust as the experience though truth is the truth as the heart has no limits as the heart heals all wounds great and small as they are all part of your evolution in the presence of this moment as time is linear .

The very point that you choose to enlighten one self is your choice as you require all the facets to be one with . As you are the creator of the universe you call home .you control all aspects of life and living in the moment .

As I create a life that I live , I control all aspects of what is within my life's experience at this moment of time ,I take responsibility for my actions of knowing and living in that that experience.

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