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Posted by Dawn Dagres on December 18, 2016 at 10:30 AM

There are no accidents in ones life . As your etheric essence of the heart creates and is the foundation of your journey on this planet .

As the multidimensional being within in you is destined to guide you on your life's path and bring forth the awakening aspect in others . As the original DNA within you drives your sub conscious DNA to bring forth the force and the spark of creations into the awakening state of others subconsciousness so as they come to the awakened levels of their own souls purpose in to the truth of their own journey of destiny and co creation the new world as destined into alignment as per the co creation of the original planet to come into this planet .

In doing so many releases of multidimensional facets release awakened through the releasing process of ones journey into the core of heart template that has the hidden knowledge and wisdom of all linear and multifaceted quantum time travel as the structural being that you are .

The original Elder races had a plan for this planet as a whole community working together in a new experiment to experience life of this way of growth and new discovery as the world within the physical body of matter of learning how to come into a whole being as the body of matter works with the higher dimensions in a co creation to use each level of specialties from each original DNA of the races that united in each

speck of the light to open up multidimensional realities in each one of us and life the life's essence and share this together as a community and a group co existing as the universal being we are .

As each has a specialty in the groups we each have our own reality and ways . United we share these pieces together and the heart of the vortex of creation in this new reality . By feeling with the emotions of a pure heart with the intent that love ( this word has many facets of meaning on to experience true love in its purest form can you understand its form of essence ) .

In loving in the moment this spark /power of multidimensional travel takes you to places and realms that co exist and you are able to journey within this vessel and teach or support other levels as each multi facet takes you to another reality living in that same moment and is driven by the influence of each though form that has taken into action in that reality of living life .

To understand stand this is to come into a middle point of using all the tool you have and open up to the power within which is limitless in its potential to expand the consciousness into new domains of co creation as the heart is the guide and you are with the intent the driven force that takes you there .

All I can say to you is if you are reading this in this moment you are here for a reason to experience the key's of Destiny and walk through the doorways that are in front of you and the keys within you are your access point to walk through the multidimensional doorways and release the cellular memory of block in this reality leading you in quantum time tunnels that can only be access by you in your healing and awakening in this moment of time . On this journey you choose to experience coming back home to the heart .

I could continue to explain to you of the new access point and the door ways that are awaiting your experience . It can only be experience by you as you translate these higher realms of knowledge and wisdom into the physical vessel that you are in this moment of time and the full comprehension is for your understanding and experience to live life as it was meant to be through this process .

Many have gotten lost within the out worlds of human life and experiences that they lost their path and now it's time to come home to the heart as this is your source of power !

This is a trigger once again to expand you consciousness and grow .

For session with the keys of Destiny contact me ��

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