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Birth of the Divine you

Posted by Dawn Dagres on September 19, 2016 at 12:35 AM

I have the light of love the empowers the sacredness of my truest potentials and desires.

I stand forth with the divine will of the sacred divine feminine being I am .

I have traveled far from a high vibrational solar system that it's entrance through the seventh dimension has given me the strength of true matter in form . As my gifts are rare and true to the heart I am able to visualize in pictures and images the energies , emotions , blocks that holds one frozen in time .

The Divine Feminine calls you forth now as a great force is beginning to try to deteriorate out Mother Earth .

It is you dear souls that take this to the next level to empower and awaken the true being and co - creator that you are and what you have come to do in this planet .

The more you longer lost in self sabotaging emotions the father away you leave our divine mother . Come back home to the true heart where the integrity of the highest levels of co existence are revealed to you through the template of the heart . The only true access it through the energy of true love and the feeling in experience of that which comes from the universal being within you coexisting in human form .

The birth of this knowledge is released from the blocked emotions that hold you back in fear .

There is no fear in universal flow of life on this planet as it is only a piece and once you stop listening to it it disappears as the heart heals all wounds and it resolves all conscious expansion .All you have to do is believe and take action .

The Key's of Destiny take you back to that true from and back into the Akashic Records for you to access and read .

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