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As I Am a Empath

Posted by Dawn Dagres on April 20, 2017 at 12:05 AM Comments comments (0)

I am a empath my gifts are all of the above . When I meet a new person I feel them before thy come into the room . Each gift is special and unique as each person is special and unique.

Really honestly and truly we are man or woman in looks . Living and surviving for generations as man and women . We have grow to be survivalists.

My empathic gifts taught me to me self support of my self , work hard , become everyone else so I may understand understand why they are they way they are and act the way they do to others .

You see you may believe you are different on the out side and created your own world of habits and belief systems due to your genetics, environment, family , friends, peeps , coworkers, strangers, things you seen , things you experienced, I could add so much more , even becoming moulded to a new every time to come upon each one of the above .

So on the out side man or woman races ,nations , culture and all .

We all are born the same as we are born from light and the creation of separation that makes of believe we are separated from the whole and the consciousness of the source (God source we came from as birth as Adam Eve)

The illusion of separation draws us into the darkest darkest as it is only ego playing its mind games . We are never nor will we be separated from the light , the source ,God as we are very aspect of his self in his creation .

Because of my gifts it seems that I very self organized and self sufficient alone . Yet my love for another once that come into my life I give it all and everything so as they come into a belief and a experience that they are not alone and they to are loved. .

As people are unaware of these gifts a empath carries and the power of influence they have on empath . Empaths are extremely sensitive and impressionable as they , we are constantly connected and learning as we are gifted these traits from the holy spirt in guidance and connections for him in this physical level . Some call them Angels , Messengers. Clairvoyants ,psychics and so on trying to name them so they understand who they are and why they are the way the are . We are born with these gift and some train more that others most important we gain our selves as we open our hearts and become ten pure channel within .

Being aware and cautious how we present our selves to other as for them to judge us and them not even realizing they are judging us by their through patterns and their presence in that moment . I'm that moment that though , that feeling and that choice changes our lives as we are moving into a fifth dimensional reality .

We are a multidimensional human with universal light within us that makes us who we are . We believe some of us because of our childhood we are born into suffering and we are inadequate of being loved for how we came to be . As some parents weren't ready to have these gifted children as it was passed on to them and they kids it from society as they were ridiculed . Thy isolated them selves from fear and hurt those they loved cause this is how they were taught and created a shell that turned harder and harder into a survival mode passed onto their own children .

Then comes strong willed messenger, believe , empath , love is born and she/ he is in a time where we are need and required awaken this love in man and woman . Being a empath I can be a thing I want as I and connected to all gifts and traits. With practice I do for this I am so grateful to have , be , in the presence of the moment of love within . We leant to adapt some are lost , some have pain on all levels , you are not a freak , people don't understand you as your emotions change as your thoughts do . Image how God feels every second of every minute as he feels you . What does he do ? How does he react ? How does he help ?

As you are him !

I am unique and one of a kind as the light that comes to me in a random divine spark of life that opened and embedded into this body is a gift and a blessing of God and of Gia as the body of matter is a form of the tree of life . We are all connected as one , I feel you in a way you have forgotten and yes I practice everyday , yes my relationships in the past failed as I do everything in my power to help and be at service to .

A program I learned long ago to self sufficient has brought me to this point and moment of time . That its time for me to receive , it time for me to rediscover me , it's time to be loved , it time to allow my self to have love , it's time to be courageous in loving as I am love in all aspects of love , I will always feel everyone and all things and it come back to me being happy , happiness is my creation in loving and being present in the moment .

If in one day I find a mirror that loves me for me in all my strengths and weakness then all have been accomplished as it already has in God . As I am a nurturing loving powerful source of his creation .It is time for me to be selfish for the first time in my life and have to and be for me !

Always remember who you are as you are a powerful source of creation inside this body and those vessel as you can run anything you choose to be .Listen to your heart and soul as he is within the power of your heart and he knows all that you are you are never separated you are whole . Release your ego that you have given all your power to in separating you from the truth as the truth is you are so loved in the most blissful power of infusion that it will take many many people to get use to you as you are so previous a gift and this life . Expand your self take a chance , have faith and believe , take back your power from those you have it away to ,tell your self I am sorry I forgive you , I forgive my self , I love you . As you are in this present moment miracle has been created and you feel the power arise within and you know you are now connected ...Feel within this connection and I feel my body getting cold as I share this with you I feel the holy spirit come into and through me .Believe in the words of truth because the truth will set you free (love ) heals all wounds and it first takes your to let go of all fear one step at a time and be and take responsibility for your actions , thoughts as this is the powerful forgiveness of self and source (God) as you open this part of you all else comes into oneness as you know this to be true .I welcome you to a new chapter and a new beginning as once yout come through this door there is no going back to the old .

I am that I am

I am simultaneously living in one moment past present and futureas there is only the present 

Fairy Tail Dreams

Posted by Dawn Dagres on March 12, 2017 at 1:15 PM Comments comments (0)

Fairy tails are dreams your imagination that grows from within .

It doesn't matter where You go or where you stay .

When you feel the lucid dreams and take hold of and control the outcome . You are talking part in the awakening of your life . As you feel the power of the imagination take hold .you create your reality .

Once was a nightmare has come to the surface as you have ran away for such a long time. Now you stand up for you within you and who are you ? That your are standing up to .

No more running a race of the rabbit and the turtle .One that had been spoken for for so long .

You think a story is just a fairy tale yet it started from some truth of reality and it has been shared to bring you through your own hidden fears and desires .

You may or may not know what it is to accomplish your dreams and what it takes . You may be the Cinderella story ?

How hard or how graceful you choose it in you hands of Destiny .

How I am to judge another as I have walked a long path and continue my trails . For each trail of path has a story and I am here today as my soul's purpose has driven me so .

All that once mattered no longer has a grasp on my soul .

As the inner power of creation calls to me on this inner discovery of self 

You so will never understand the hidden secret that our for fathers and stars seed lineage bring forth .

Only that which I share as only then will you understand as it come from the soul's truth .

Those who come from a place of fear and anger have not stepped thought these doors and fall to the illusion of the broken record of mental mind blocks that keep the play over and over again like the record with a scratch playing the same sentence over and over again . As know not what they are .They are lost and forgotten on a twist . They will always be there until they choose to move though space and time into freedom .

Only you have the answers as yo walk through the doors and the keys of Destiny .

The home is where the heart and souls of all your knowledge , wisdom , Powerful is . Fear not what you know fear not what you have left behind and use this fear as your adrenaline into the passage of time to honour and grow .

As you enter through the these veils of the seen and come into the unseen you will feel your way through and know .

As you journey is taken you back home to the heart and soul of your creation and your souls purpose .

Switching through

Posted by Dawn Dagres on March 12, 2017 at 1:05 PM Comments comments (0)

I feel switching and strength a loss , a loss of a emptiness and a fullness all at the same time.

I feel a tightening and a core that I never once new before

As the lightness of the above grounds the very core of the celestial divine being within me centre of living in this life

How do you explain that you have this energy of life within you and it is becoming stronger and stronger as it fills that space that once felt loss and emptiness .As there was no sustenance in its place . As now you feel that very core awaken to the come into a life of a living breathing , nurturing creation of life's beginning on this planet .

A race that has been extinct in the living that has long left .

All but a few left her to carry on the life long commitment as they once thrived to continue the journey .

The last of that tribe is here now in the present .

As they left I was still in the darkness awaiting for that freedom of the moment to come back to life in the present .

The missing tribe is within my very essence and being of life as they ascended to higher dimensional planes where they coexist .

To feel this in my presence is to n ow the truth of my ancestral race .

I am not alone nor will I ever be as I am apart of all that exists on this planet as one the I am .

I feel the very life of them walking through the planes of another planet as they experience life . I see them walking in the forest and they pass along the trees and enter into the new . The caves from below another world exists within them and the boundaries of another universe .

I feel down to the very core my being as they coexist that life now I'm the present .

No one is ever alone that are always in the present of the MaMa as she holds and houses then . The generous love of life an the loving within my very matrix .

To understand my perception is to be and live this life within my matrix as a whole universe of one . It is called completeness .

So please remember when you hug me you are not just hugging flesh and bones in a sexual nature you are hugging a universe which is extinct and full of the greatest love to share unconditionally . So as to bring those memories back to you ����

As I love the being in you you bring of the loving being within my self and my matrix ❤️ as I transcend through all space and time you can never harm or hurt what you know not I come from the heart

I am the gatekeeper and giver and protector of life I am the guardian of Orion ,Milky Way , and all the connections in between the Saturn ring of fire I am the key

I am not just one I am many and this is why I was created through the heart of a nation of sovereignty ������❤️

Breaking through

Posted by Dawn Dagres on March 12, 2017 at 1:05 PM Comments comments (0)

The sacredness of being in the moment is when you break through your belief system that has defended you all your life (ego) in the darkest dark and protected you . You become the master of masks that held you into a human performance of the greatest film of all . This film is of your life that you have chose to incarnate and experience .

Coming back home to the heart and of creation is coming back to the moment .

Coming back into the present . Releasing and letting go of all you heave been taught and learnt . The present moment of the experience at that moment . Like the source of electricity when you plug it in to run a current . It will always be there no matter what ready to plug into and run its flow .

Each person is the same when you plug into their channel , you experience them on all levels. When you coxxxnnect with them from the heart it's like a magnetic pull drawing you into their field like a spiralling whirlwind that that pulls you into its force once you come into its perimeter.

Coming into the mindful heart breaks down the magnified attraction of the insufficient data that it requires to learn from in the moment .By being mindful in that moment . The energy of the force and the emotions that pulling you into that spiralling vortex will stop you as you become aware of what is happening . As I said earlier that drawing of energy will always be there and each person having its power source that will draw you into their own field of energy and source of power on a form of creation .

As you draw to the experience at the core of its creation you the learn the truth and the power of its light . As the spark of light as a multidimensional reality within the beings core will emanate its truth .

So a person that practices every day in a routine of the moment is the presence of self is the mindful heart .

I am creation of the God within that is egoless , as it knows the current of others emotions and feeling that are there mo matter what degree of emotions they are .

If these emotions are not in your life's purpose then walk away . As their negativity and hurtful psychic attacks at you will always be there as this is there emotional chaos and there's alone .

Be present in the moment come from love , love your self , comfort your self , you come first . As you are the creator I'm your world if they do not come from the heart they are not worth you energy as you are not here to change them . Take responsibility for you throughs and actions. , most of all stop blaming others for your choices . Be courageous have faith and believe in the one , take one step at a time and be the little elemental deity you can be .

Stick and stones may break your bones ,name may hurt you on a human level .

On a soul level I am the creator of my life and my power comes from my heart and source of creation. I am here as a messenger and a guide to those whom ask from the heart . As I am older than the planet and travel the stars of the universe as what I have seen is of the unseen and this is why we join as a whole . We are the oldest of old and we have seen it all ....

What you reflect in anger and in pain is yours and your alone ! Take a look at your self in the mirror don't you think it's time to let go of all your suffering and all the blame you have on others .Take this moment to stop and say I'm sorry , I forgive you and I love you ! Release the ego and the shadow side embrace the whole being you are good and bad , the middle way !

guided meditation of the white Pyramid

Posted by Dawn Dagres on February 20, 2017 at 8:35 PM Comments comments (0)

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Attunement  meditation  

As  you are in the room you are in 

Is the room you are in the space in your heart 

The space within your heart is the vessel's case in your Universe 

As the universe is the illusion of physical out side of you 

It is really the Universe within you are 

As I guide you within notice your feet , notice your hips ,notice you chest and notice your head , imagine a etheric casing come from your heart expanding in through out of your body . 

Sealing it with illuminated love DNA dormant codes that has now awakened 

Creating a silk rebirthing energy around your body of field 

That which is only from the highest vibrations of the elder races of the twelve constellations of twelve planet and nine realms of reality that originally co existed in the same seventh dimension to humanly hybrid the god/goddess  that you are existing on this planet 

As you came of free will to bring forth the healing power and the specialty of your species and realm .

As you coexist and work together and unite as a nation and a planet 

This planet Gia she loves and supports you on all bodies of matter and of all elements that coexist within your body/vessel 

As I relate these messages into your subconscious mind it it sends sounds and images deep and deeper within the vibrations of the language of light and from the higher realms of your creation 

Translating through sequence bouncing of of your DNA into the body into the etheric all uniting as the strands join in union as one .

As these code release healing codes that transcends you through all space and time in to this moment of time that brings forth the antidote and that antidote is the essence of bliss , essence of life , essence of truth , essence of the law of nature and her power with in your domaine that now has been activated 

Activated though the primordial details and beginnings of that of which the spark of light was charged with in your very existence

Now take a  deep breath 

When you take this breath clench your root chalkra 

Clench your heart and tighten it 

Now go to your third eye clench it up and tighten as you look up and back as it tightens 

This is to get you to hold your core strong within your body and ground you 

As you feel your spirit/emotional body anchored and grounded below your ribs 

as the mindful heart comes down deeper and deeper into the universal heart .

As you feel the pulse glow and move within your chest and your core .

Now imagine the bottom of your feet a sphere of golden white light energy , rooted to Mother Earth as the roots connect deep within in her and through her 

Now go above you head a sphere of indigo blue energy encircled with a golden sheen 

 And now before of you is another pink illuminated opalescence sheen .

No take a deep breath in and hold it till the count of 4 and blow out with a pressure 

As the energy of you ha breath shoots out 

It ignites and connects the three points of the pyramid 

Now take another deep breath and hold it the count of 4 and release the air out with a force this transients your pyramid through all space and time 

Now one more take a deep breathe hold it with a force till the count of 4 

With the intention that this time you are rebirthing your oversoul/ higher self in the body /vessel 

One two three blow activation ( you may feel butterflies , excited , feel a inner smile  

Sensation you may not understand just yet as it is so full and new . 

Just sit with this energy for a moment 

Then take your hands and hold them down to the ground wiggling your fingers connecting to Mother Earth and her electro magnetic  pull as her love grounds you down through the tunnel(vortex )which this is connect to white pyramid below the ocean’s hidden bottom. 

Your only access point is through this rights of passage as you are guided in by the dolphins you reach the entrance window now pass through. 

I will leave you to your joinery and once you come back to this space in this room and this moment of time . please find a piece of paper and write down all you have experienced . 

Guided medtation and implant/entity clearing

Posted by Dawn Dagres on February 17, 2017 at 11:35 AM Comments comments (0)

The consciousness of higher ascension beings ares activating the cosmic spheres within the Christ consciousness of your reality . Breaking through the old star seed souls agreements manipulated through Slavery and control .

I will take you through a guided meditation to enhance the field of love within the Grid of mass conscious reality . That has united is on a conscious level of heart frequency . In this activation awakening you will be free of this dark orb ( slash entity that believes he is in ownership of you !)

As you close your eyes imagine the grid of ancients before you

imagine the ancients behind you

Imagine the ancients to the left of you

Imagine the ancients to the right or you

Imagine the ancients above you

Imagine the ancients below you

Imagine the infinite source of all love and light coming down into you as it connects to Mother Earth/Gia

As she she connects with you she release her electrical magnet energy into the earths atmosphere which them connects to the higher vibrational seventh dimensional Beings in their ships that are in etheric in the earth's gravitational field awaiting the confirmation of you connection with a brilliant bright beautiful blue indigo light .

That radiated a soft blue golden light coming back down into and through your field back down into Mother Earth .

If you hear the entity or see the black sphere step back in love and allow us to remove this attachment -probe- Karmic contract-soul contract from your field

What I need you to say is I'm sorry , I love you , I for give you . This lesion is complete. This contract is complete . I am one soul in this body I am one soul in this body I am one soul in this body and you do not have my permission to be here any longer I cancel , I clear and send you back to the source of all creation

For I am love , I love my self more now that know I am one with my mother Gia and my father the creator and the universe I am within this vessel . My love is more greater as I now surrender this anger and hurt . I know illusion of the earth ending is not real . The Earth she is. More powerful than before as my heart and all the hearts of the people you tried to control late consciously joining in love right now !

We are connecting our hearts as beams of light radiate from our elder races into us and activate the antidote and frequencies that now free me as I breath love .i am love , I receive love . As I breath out your are gone and no longer have power over me . You may hear the doors slam in front of you as you now are free.

As you place you hand down toward Mother Earth feel with your finger tips the electrical magnet tingling and connection to her as you now are grounded to her gravitational pull and alignment with her . Notice the shift of lightness and rainbow energy of light soaring through your body filling up the higher dimensional DNA awakened within you as you are in the vortex of creation and you power centre ����and welcome back

Breaking through the Veils

Posted by Dawn Dagres on January 23, 2017 at 9:30 PM Comments comments (0)

Calmness of the mind is the break of a new dawn .

As the sun rises from the consciousness of the mind it awakes as the subconscious is triggered by the consciousness of the day .

Within ones practise you are challenge from the chaos of the multi matrix of others realms as you pass through the frequencies of their field and mind . In passing by , in a look , in a accidental touch , even with a connection . You imprinted the heavy dense or the light in flight or the void of neutrality.

It is the life of death and rebirth

Impermanence of the flow of balance and alignment . As the waves of the oceans come crashing in . Even the ocean has a rhythm . The choice you choose to observe to pass forth and ride they wave of comfort for that moment to enter the ocean of life .

Then the waves of serendipity as you float above and observe the world of silence below .

One wouldn't know the beauty beneath the oceans reef as many circum to the intense crash of the oceans extreme waves of chaos .

Yet once I'm the entrance of the waves the mind is calm and you follow the flow and watch the rhythm the come to you . As they come you prepare and sink in as the wave passes by . Enjoy the experience with participated union as you wash away weight down emotions that the salt water cleanse .

Very much similar to ones life of experience . It all depends on how you become mindful .��������

Allow the passing as the essence flows and the veils break free .

To coexist in one reality is almost impossible

Posted by Dawn Dagres on December 19, 2016 at 10:15 AM Comments comments (0)

To coexist in one realty is almost impossible

in this new awakening as you come into alignment and follow the flow of the seed of life and the divine spark within your creation of DNA.

With out this alignment into the higher dimensions you will cease to exist as we know it . There are multi facets of DNA driven within us as all the of the access from from the vortex of creation . The heart template which is the door way to the subconscious knowledge that any dormant within our DNA . As we make the choices that we do and entered with the keys with the intent to harness the new awareness / power . We ignite with in our one DNA strands memories my feelings and sensations that cannot be explained. Only by the experience of that moment . To feel such a burst of energy that ignites and strives within your whole body . The universe within your very core being . The awakening and feeling of a new life being driven to experience in this moment of time and to discover who you truly are as form of life within this body of matter .

I am , you are able to tap into every thing and any thing that you desire in this awakening of life and all the experiences that is drives you to feel what you have new new to experience before . Only to live in the moment and to be one with all life are you able to manifest your true calling .

The experience of this life into higher plains of dimensions are from a star of purity and only through this puritan heart is the truth to evolve an yet the choice to choose . You choice to choose one step forward and progress to many more and never looking back to that moment of life and all that you have over come . Yes you have moved through the passages and now access new realms leaving behind the murky water of the unconscious mind and access the subconscious mind that has the potential of limitless knowledge and experiences for you to unfold with . Having faith and believing within the divine will of self are you able to access this progressive sate and continue to move through as once evolves into the conscious levels of self as it has preserved its self from survival mode into a Phoenix rising from the ashes . It is said and spoken in many languages of translations for you to understand and comprehend .

I am not here to take you away from your own experience as you choose to drive your self .which can lead to blocks and holds on your life . I am here as a guide , inspiration of light , a turbo boost of solar suns power from the universe as it my destiny to guide you from the heart of all creation .

My specialty if to share with you the consciousness of the energy of the heart from a human level and guide you back home to the heart and soul of creation as it is know to be .

This is the easiest way through trust as the experience though truth is the truth as the heart has no limits as the heart heals all wounds great and small as they are all part of your evolution in the presence of this moment as time is linear .

The very point that you choose to enlighten one self is your choice as you require all the facets to be one with . As you are the creator of the universe you call home .you control all aspects of life and living in the moment .

As I create a life that I live , I control all aspects of what is within my life's experience at this moment of time ,I take responsibility for my actions of knowing and living in that that experience.

Reading this!

Posted by Dawn Dagres on December 18, 2016 at 10:30 AM Comments comments (0)

There are no accidents in ones life . As your etheric essence of the heart creates and is the foundation of your journey on this planet .

As the multidimensional being within in you is destined to guide you on your life's path and bring forth the awakening aspect in others . As the original DNA within you drives your sub conscious DNA to bring forth the force and the spark of creations into the awakening state of others subconsciousness so as they come to the awakened levels of their own souls purpose in to the truth of their own journey of destiny and co creation the new world as destined into alignment as per the co creation of the original planet to come into this planet .

In doing so many releases of multidimensional facets release awakened through the releasing process of ones journey into the core of heart template that has the hidden knowledge and wisdom of all linear and multifaceted quantum time travel as the structural being that you are .

The original Elder races had a plan for this planet as a whole community working together in a new experiment to experience life of this way of growth and new discovery as the world within the physical body of matter of learning how to come into a whole being as the body of matter works with the higher dimensions in a co creation to use each level of specialties from each original DNA of the races that united in each

speck of the light to open up multidimensional realities in each one of us and life the life's essence and share this together as a community and a group co existing as the universal being we are .

As each has a specialty in the groups we each have our own reality and ways . United we share these pieces together and the heart of the vortex of creation in this new reality . By feeling with the emotions of a pure heart with the intent that love ( this word has many facets of meaning on to experience true love in its purest form can you understand its form of essence ) .

In loving in the moment this spark /power of multidimensional travel takes you to places and realms that co exist and you are able to journey within this vessel and teach or support other levels as each multi facet takes you to another reality living in that same moment and is driven by the influence of each though form that has taken into action in that reality of living life .

To understand stand this is to come into a middle point of using all the tool you have and open up to the power within which is limitless in its potential to expand the consciousness into new domains of co creation as the heart is the guide and you are with the intent the driven force that takes you there .

All I can say to you is if you are reading this in this moment you are here for a reason to experience the key's of Destiny and walk through the doorways that are in front of you and the keys within you are your access point to walk through the multidimensional doorways and release the cellular memory of block in this reality leading you in quantum time tunnels that can only be access by you in your healing and awakening in this moment of time . On this journey you choose to experience coming back home to the heart .

I could continue to explain to you of the new access point and the door ways that are awaiting your experience . It can only be experience by you as you translate these higher realms of knowledge and wisdom into the physical vessel that you are in this moment of time and the full comprehension is for your understanding and experience to live life as it was meant to be through this process .

Many have gotten lost within the out worlds of human life and experiences that they lost their path and now it's time to come home to the heart as this is your source of power !

This is a trigger once again to expand you consciousness and grow .

For session with the keys of Destiny contact me ��

Birth of the Divine you

Posted by Dawn Dagres on September 19, 2016 at 12:35 AM Comments comments (0)

I have the light of love the empowers the sacredness of my truest potentials and desires.

I stand forth with the divine will of the sacred divine feminine being I am .

I have traveled far from a high vibrational solar system that it's entrance through the seventh dimension has given me the strength of true matter in form . As my gifts are rare and true to the heart I am able to visualize in pictures and images the energies , emotions , blocks that holds one frozen in time .

The Divine Feminine calls you forth now as a great force is beginning to try to deteriorate out Mother Earth .

It is you dear souls that take this to the next level to empower and awaken the true being and co - creator that you are and what you have come to do in this planet .

The more you longer lost in self sabotaging emotions the father away you leave our divine mother . Come back home to the true heart where the integrity of the highest levels of co existence are revealed to you through the template of the heart . The only true access it through the energy of true love and the feeling in experience of that which comes from the universal being within you coexisting in human form .

The birth of this knowledge is released from the blocked emotions that hold you back in fear .

There is no fear in universal flow of life on this planet as it is only a piece and once you stop listening to it it disappears as the heart heals all wounds and it resolves all conscious expansion .All you have to do is believe and take action .

The Key's of Destiny take you back to that true from and back into the Akashic Records for you to access and read .