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The  Key's of Destiny a journey back to the Heart 


The keys to your heart have been created through the the desiring  of coming back home , to source . You come from a plane of existence on a soul level of matter and you process the essence of shamanic lower worlds from which hold many pieces for you . Much of the physical plane is real to you , though it is actually an illusion. 

I have created this system that takes you from recreating this cellular memory of being played over and over like a scratched vinyl record . In which the keys only accessed by you only through your heart's star gate in  releasing you  on all levels    Past , present ,possible future into a 5th dimensional consciousness of expansion were you access the cellular memory that is holding on to the blocked emotions on all levels of time into a thought form proceeding into a automatic action that you feel from the the primordial gut feelings  of your subconscious .

To experience on this awakening that has not been experienced before in knowing , feeling , releasing personal , place , things , is know and reawaken the treasure tool hidden within you .

As this is released from you and you enter into an replace the higher self vibration in which you experience this awakening, because you feel it you know that it exists and how it feels so that you may continue on your souls journey into enlightenment.

Imagine being introduced to a golden door in front  of you that all of a sudden has just appeared to you through the imagination of believing  and divine intervention of praying for a sign and knowing that it is possible and it is limitless potential for you to succeed .  Now all you have to do is go into your heart and take the key open the door and walk through ! 

Once you have walked through and accessed through multidimensional clearing and receiving. You are then grounded  to Gia/ Mother Earth's gravitation in this frequency of your higher self into the physical body of matter and work in unison with her as a whole on all levels and elementals of the vortex of creation . 

Once the session is al a close . 

For the next twenty one days you will notice the life changes within you and you will notice things in a new way that once you never new or experienced in past as you now have access to these keys of destiny with in you through the heart. 

You will even notice you longer respond in ways that were not in your highest interest breaking some habits

You learned along the way in life .

I have been practising for over 25 years of and achieved approximately fifty certifications in healing modalities  for my personal  growth as a survivor. As I experienced things most people haven't and should never . Being born with extra sensory perception that accessed radio frequencies of people , places ,past experiences . I choose to use this is a inspiration way as the heart heals all wounds no matter what you have went though in your life .As I natural healer animal communicator grew to learn I was different and begin to use these  tools that helped me  from Reiki , to Buddhism, Hypnotherapy  being a Caretaker of Ancient crystal skulls I which have driven me to go deeper into my beginnings and to channel my higher self in bringing forth a system that was so easy to share and teach others as no one have brought forth this out before . I tapped into  my Gatekeeper and rediscovered a lost forgotten technique in which you reconnect to the vortex of creation . If first you don't succeed try try again until it has become  automatic as it came to my self from searching and remembering whom I am and were I originated to the beginning and rediscovery of self and my souls purpose ...  In rediscover my search of origination I was able to collect and bring forth gift as it is part of my souls destiny to share this spark of light for you to see and experience just like being a Star in the sky that you are drawn to . 

If your searching for your truth take the steps from a thought into a form and become the action of limitless possibilities ... All created through the law of attraction and the Genie hidden in you .. 

                                                      To purchase book copy and paste link ....Please share...                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Creation of a New Dawn healing Center 

In giving meaning and drive to Dawn's search of her life  she received a Letter of Recognition from Gyaldek Rinpoche Karma Kagyu lineage for Melarepa Mediation Centre. Which awakened here past life memories and connections to the Ancient Crystal Skulls known as ( Earth mother/Green Tara - Avatar ). In which they are to be apart of her healing centre . In this recognition she came into full memory of her origination and her souls purpose on this Planet .Connecting to the twelve planets of twelve constitutions that created the thirteenth the body of matter that our souls resides in .

 This in a woman is very rare occurrence  which drivers her in believing that all she has went through in her life is to help others whom have experienced trauma in some way of their lives . 

Dawn continues her education to grow and help others on their souls path to rediscovering their soul's purpose on awakening and expanding their own consciousness she comes from a unconditional limitless resource of Universal Love and unlimited potential .

As I was told Steven Segal recieved  Rocognitian here is a letter explain ( being a woman and I was recognized is very rare ) I have a picture on my website .
Statement by H.H. Penor Rinpoche Regarding the Recognition of Steven Seagal as a Reincarnation of the Treasure Revealer Chungdrag Dorje of Palyul Monastery 

In February of 1997 I recognized my student, Steven Seagal, as a reincarnation (tulku) of the treasure revealer Chungdrag Dorje. Since there has been some confusion and uncertainty as to what this means, I am writing to clarify this situation. 

Traditionally a tulku is considered to be a reincarnation of a Buddhist master who, out of his or her compassion for the suffering of sentient beings, has vowed to take rebirth to help all beings attain enlightenment. To fulfill this aspiration, a tulku will generally need to go through the complete process of recognition, enthronement and training. 

Formal recognition generally occurs soon after a tulku has been identified, but only after other important lineage masters have been consulted. The newly identified tulku does not take on any formal responsibilities at the time of recognition. 

The next step of enthronement may or may not occur for a tulku, depending on the circumstances. Enthronement formally invests the tulku with the responsibility of furthering the activities associated with their particular tulku lineage. Thus, if there are specific teachings and practice traditions associated with their lineage, and if there are perhaps monks, nuns, monasteries, retreat centers, lay communities and so forth for which the tulku traditionally takes responsibility, then the tulku is formally vested with those responsibilities at the time of enthronement. In the event that an enthronement ceremony is conducted, it may take place soon after recognition or some years later. If the tulku is too young to assume their responsibilities upon enthronement, others may be entrusted to take on those responsibilities until the tulku is ready. 

Finally, a tulku needs to complete a formal course of training which includes years of study and meditation. This training reawakens the tulku's powers of insight and compassion and develops their skillful means for helping others. It is only after such training that a tulku is ready to take on the role of a teacher. 

In the case of Steven Seagal, he has been formally recognized as a tulku, but has not been officially enthroned. He has also not undergone the lengthy process of study and practice necessary to fully realize what I view as his potential for helping others. When I first met him, I felt he had the special qualities of a tulku within him. According to the Great Vehicle (Mahayana) of the Buddhist tradition, all beings have within them the potential for becoming Buddhas. With Steven Seagal I perceived this potential to be particularly strong as accords with being a tulku. In the past, whenever I have met someone that I feel is a tulku, I have always consulted with other masters of the Nyingma lineage such as Dudjom Rinpoche, Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche and other senior lineage holders. Similarly, after my experience of meeting Steven Seagal, I consulted with another important Nyingma master and with his concurrence, recognized Steven Seagal as a tulku. 

With regard to the particular circumstances of Steven Seagal's recognition, while it is generally the case that tulkus are recognized young in life, this is not always so. For example, the great master Jamyang Khyentse Chökyi Lodrö remained unrecognized for many years while he was an ordained monk at Kathok Monastery. He was over 30 years old, perhaps 35, and had completed his monastic education when he was recognized and enthroned as the first reincarnation of Jamyang Khyentse Chökyi Wangpo. In his case, he had devoted his life to study and practice and was thus prepared for taking on the full responsibilities of being a tulku at the time of his recognition. 

Prior to my recognition of Steven Seagal I myself recognized another tulku late in his life. Kalsang Yeshe Rinpoche, a monk originally from the Palyul branch monastery of Shibo in Tibet and later at Namdroling Monastery in India, was recognized and enthroned in 1983 at the age of 51. He too had spent his life studying Buddhism and meditating before he was recognized as a tulku. Because he had cultivated his potential through many years of diligent study and meditation, he was able to become a teacher and is currently the head of our Palyul Center in Singapore. So, in short, in the Tibetan tradition there is nothing unusual about recognizing a tulku late in their life. In fact, the recognition of a tulku who has been born in the West is especially likely to occur later in their lifetime because it will generally take much longer for all the conditions that are necessary for such a recognition to come together. 

Steven Seagal has been recognized as a reincarnation of the 17th century hidden treasure revealer (tertön) Chungdrag Dorje (khyung brag rdo rje) of Palyul Monastery. Chungdrag Dorje founded a small monastery called Gegön Gompa near his native village of Phene in the Kutse area of Derge in Eastern Tibet. Though there are no monks there now, the small monastery building still exists and is well known in the area for its beautiful religious wall paintings. 

As a tertön, Chungdrag Dorje rediscovered teachings and sacred objects hidden by Padmasambhava in the eighth century. Such treasures (terma) were concealed with the intention that they would be discovered and revealed at a later date when the circumstances were such that they would be of particular benefit to sentient beings. Texts of the teachings discovered by Chungdrag Dorje have apparently not survived the Chinese Cultural Revolution. Sacred objects discovered by Chungdrag Dorje include an unusually shaped bell, a phurba (ritual dagger), the syllable 'A' carved in stone and pigments used to create the sacred wall paintings in his monastery mentioned above. Several of these objects have been preserved and are still kept at Palyul Monastery today. 

In the Nyingma tradition it is said that there are a hundred main treasure revealers and an even greater number of secondary treasure revealers. Among the latter it is not uncommon for the line of their teachings to eventually lapse. Though they were beneficial during the time they flourished, for various reasons some tertön teaching lineages have ceased. This would seem to be the case with Chungdrag Dorje. 

Now with regard to Steven Seagal, he was born centuries after the death of Chungdrag Dorje. It is not uncommon for there to be a lengthy span of time between the death of a master and the appearance of his or her subsequent reincarnation. My own tulku lineage is an example of this. There was a 130 years hiatus between the death of the First Pema Norbu in 1757 and the birth of the Second Pema Norbu in 1887. This is common in all the traditions of Tibetan Buddhism. As for how these gaps come about, while tulkus are understood to have vowed to be continually reborn to help beings, it is not necessary for them to take rebirth in a continuous sequence of lives in this world. It is believed that they can be reborn in other world systems where they continue their compassionate activities, returning only later to this world system. This is how such lapses in tulku lineages are understood in Tibet. 

As for Steven Seagal's movie career, my concern is with the qualities I experienced within him which relate to his potential for benefiting others and not with the conventional details of his life which are wholly secondary. Some people think that because Steven Seagal is always acting in violent movies, how can he be a true Buddhist? Such movies are for temporary entertainment and do not relate to what is real and important. It is the view of the Great Vehicle of Buddhism that compassionate beings take rebirth in all walks of life to help others. Any life condition can be used to serve beings and thus, from this point of view, it is possible to be both a popular movie star and a tulku. There is no inherent contradiction in this possibility. 

As the head of the Palyul lineage of the Nyingma School and more recently as the Head of the Nyingma tradition of Tibetan Buddhism, I have had the responsibility of recognizing numerous tulkus. The first time I recognized a tulku, I was ten years old. This tulku was the incarnation of the great Khenpo Ngaga. He is still living in Eastern Tibet and continues to strive, to this day, to promote the welfare of others. Since that time until now I have recognized over one hundred tulkus. In addition I have overseen the training and enthronement of over thirty khenpos (learned scholars) and I am responsible for the welfare of the many thousands of monks belonging to the Palyul tradition. My concern in seeking to nurture these tulkus, khenpos, monks, as well as sincere lay people, has been to benefit all sentient beings. It is out of this intention that I have recognized tulkus in the past and will continue to recognize them in the future as appropriate. 

In the case of my student Steven Seagal, I initiated the decision to recognize him as a tulku based on my own feelings about him. Neither I nor any of my monasteries have received or sought any sort of substantial donation from him. What is important to me are the qualities I have seen in my student. For this reason I feel confident that recognizing him as a tulku will be of benefit to others as well as to the Buddha dharma. 

Whenever there is a new incarnation born or recognized, I personally feel very happy because it is like you have one more brother or sister. I take delight in such occasions as they seek to further compassionate activity for others. Being recognized as a tulku is an acknowledgment of one's potential to help others. Such recognition does not mean that one is already a realized teacher. The degree to which tulkus have been able to actualize and utilize their potential depends upon how they have been able to use their past circumstances and how they currently use their present circumstances to develop their potential. Each tulku must work to develop themselves to the best of their ability. The essential point is that a tulku should strive to help others in whatever life situation they find themselves. It is out of such an aspiration to help all sentient beings that I have recognized many tulkus in my life and it is with this motivation that I recognized Steven Seagal as a tulku. If all beings seek to have this motivation, what need will there be for controversies and confusion over the motivations of others? 

Penor Rinpoche

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